Month: July 2004

Defined Through Our Choices

We define ourselves through our choices. To not make a choice is to remain undefined.

This thought occurred to me a couple of nights ago, and it haunts me, like a fog through which shapes of the landscape are only barely suggested. I am noticing an increasing number of choices available. For instance, this blog entry is being written because I chose to write rather than watch THE LAST SAMURI. I choose each word that goes onto the page, and quite meticulously the order of the words.

I have a confession: A few people have said to me that I’m quoteable, and I always smile shyly. The truth is that, to me, that is the highest compliment I could ever receive. I love words, and the thought that I could conjure a phrase that would make a deep enough impact to be remembered and shared again makes me high. I choose my words very carefully with that as a major motive. Shhh… don’t tell anyone. (Hmmph… somehow it’s easier to type this out than I think it would be to say it out loud.)