How do I forget?!

Yoga… It is the best thing ever. I haven’t been to a class in close to six months. I think, “oh, I should, but…” And then I go. I spend the first twenty minutes cursing the day the teacher was born, and then I surrender to the fact that I have chosen to toture myself by paying money to have someone direct me into twisting triangle pose. Then, it all just stops… and I’m moving in space. The pain becomes sensation… burning… but nice… tingling and warm. And then I leave… two inches taller, one in the dance with all (wo)mankind and the cosmos… a spiritual being having a human experience… every cell of my body breathing, awake and alive!

Yoga has been the cure for my blues in the past. I’m really committed to my practice this time. I’ve been without any spiritual practice at all for some time. I have lots of great insights, and I’m full of wise-ass wisdom… but there’s nothing like a regular practice… yoga, meditation, regular religious services… and doing it with others. It’s good to be back!



One thought on “How do I forget?!

  1. I’m glad you’re back! I just renewed my own commitment to Ashtanga: 5 days a week. I’ve been doing at least 3 for a while now (after my injuries I’ve had to slow down), but I’m ready for some full-on yoga power–and it feels great!

    I miss you and love you!!

    P.S. Any news on coming to NYC?

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