I just put on He-Man & She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword. It’s such a trip back in time. I loved He-Man and She-Ra as a kid, and that love is alive and well. The movie is smart. It feels almost Gnostic. If Adam is a Christ figure, then Adora certainly fits in as Sophia. Both Sophia and Adora left the house of the Father. Both felt the pains of the world, becoming conscious, before returning home. The plot is really tight and well-paced. And the soundtrack… it’s so dramatic. It makes the show feel almost operatic. The planet Etheria is really well fleshed out, and it’s fun to speculate on the backstory of the show, which seems pretty clearly defined.

Essentially, The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull sends Prince Adam to Etheria, an agriculutural world that has been conquered by a high-tech alien army. Etheria is rich in magic and abundant in resources, which the Horde is seizing and shipping off to Horde World. The citizens’ rebellion abounds with honor and courage, but lacks strength and leadership. Enter He-Man. He adds muscle to their first big battle against the Horde, winning them their fist victory.

But Adam is on another mission… to find the owner of a mysterious sword. It leads him to a young woman, the Horde Force Captain Adora, who takes him prisoner. The Sorcerss speaks to Adora through the sword, which is now in the Horde’s possession. She reveals that He-Man is Adora’s twin brother, and that she had been kidnapped at birth and manipulated by Hordak and the witch, Shadow Weaver. Adora finds her inner strength, raises her sword, and “For the honor of Grayskull!”, she is She-Ra. She frees her brother and the two escape to ask the Sorceress a few questions.

They learn that the Horde had tried to conquer Eternia and failed, but not before stealing Adora. Eternia’s combination of technology, leadership, and magic made them more than a match for Hordak. (This history sheds light on the Horde’s conquest of Etheria, a peaceful world where magic abounds and technology is limited.) The reunited twins return to the rebel camp. Together they free Glimmer’s enslaved mother, Queen Angela of Bright Moon. Now that the rebels have a leader, Prince Adam and Princess Adora return to Eternia. Their royal family is together for the first time since the heroes’ infancy.

Adora realizes that she cannot stay in the comfort of her family while Etheria is enslaved. He-Man and She-Ra return to Etheria and fight with the rebels to free the Kingdom Bright Moon, giving Etherians the thing they have not dared to dream of… hope. Having accomplished the mission, He-Man leaves his sister to the war she has chosen, telling her she can call on him should she need him. She offers him the same. Princess Adora becomes the most pivotal figure in the rebellion, with the strength and raw power of She-Ra and the knowledge and leadership skills she had learned as a trusted Horde Captain.

This show is cool! If I ever tell you I’ve outgrown it, hit me!


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