Month: May 2006

Do You Take It?


I want my foreskin back!

I’m writing a paper on intersex right now. Researching it has been a fascinating and depressing process. Americans get all up in arms about female genital mutilation going on all over the world. They go to rallies, lick stamps, and tell 10,000-year-old tribes why their way of life is fucked up.

In the mean time, 2,600 to 4,000 babies are mutilated in the United States every year. They are born intersex. The term used to be hermaphrodite, but that’s not PC anymore. I’ve read so many interviews and quotes from intersex people about how they never had the chance to experience their bodies as Nature made them. Some dumbfuck doctor played God and cut off this or sewed up that. Apparently the good doctor wanted to do them a favor.

And it has stirred something in me. I was butchered, too. I was circumcised. Someone cut off my foreskin because in this culture that’s what doctors do. It’s tradition to cut a baby’s penis. Granted, society’s come a long way and this tradition is dying out, but that doesn’t give me my hood back! I was mad about this a few years ago, and I thought I was over it. There’s nothing I can do. What’s done is done. Yeah. That’s rational. But fuck the doctor who told my parents it was a good idea. Fuck the people who still subject their children to this barbaric practice.

I met a guy who had a botched circumcision. He had no sensation in his penis and couldn’t get an erection. I started crying when he told me the story. He was gay, and his parents told him they were glad he couldn’t get it up, because it meant he couldn’t have sex with men. I asked him about prostate stimulation. He explained that it’s the nerve connections to the penis that make that pleasurable. He couldn’t experience sexual pleasure at all. He disappeared one day. I think he killed himself, but I’ve never known for sure.

This culture has got to get its shit together around sex. Seriously. Bigotry, butchery, bullshit!