Month: June 2006

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An Inconvenient Truth

I saw it last night with two friends. I loved it! I can’t say I was blown away by the content. There were new details that showed the urgency of global warming , but the information is not new. With me, Gore is preaching to the choir.

What was amazing to me was the clarity with which he presented his information. The political content was minimal, and appeared as a part of this man’s journey, not a position. The movie was filled with powerful images, graphs, and facts. The science is sound.

I was afraid I’d be going to see doom and gloom, but quite the opposite. I was left feeling hopeful. This is the first time this information has been packaged in a way that might speak to the masses. You have to be stupid to miss the implications of the situation, and you have to be beyond evil to ignore them. I’ve been exhausted by this conversation, speaking to people who will not listen to something that puts responsibility in our own laps… a responsibility to compromise our comfort for our survival.

I hope and pray that this movie is seen and the content is heard by middle America, and that the press handles it responsibly. There are people who will drive this planet into the sun to make a profit. My question is this: Are we a successful species that does what it takes to steer away from a self-created disaster, or are we a failure that blindly stays in the fire until it consumes us?


So I wasn’t going to post anymore video for a while, since I’ve been video happy lately, but this I couldn’t pass up. Please check it out!!