Daily Recap

I woke up this morning to a phone call from my mom. She suspects that we have Cherokee heritage. She doesn’t know who her great grandmother is. She’s never been mentioned. But she knows her great grandfather travelled with the Cherokee. Seems pretty likely, and really exciting to me.

I cancelled a massage this morning because my throat was sore and my glands were swollen. I didn’t want to make anyone sick, though I felt energetic and strong.

The sick feeling lessened, and I had breakfast at Squat’n Gobble in the Castro. I saw Mo’s wife and daughter for the first time. He’s a proud papa. I read more of Cosmos & Psyche. Great book!!

Then I met my Anthropology of Homosexualities professor for tea. I returned “So You Don’t Know Much About Mythology” to him, a set of CDs telling tales and discussing world mythology. He shared his AWESOME pics of Greece with me.

Ben and Becca showed up unexpectedly (after I had just compared Ben and Matt), fresh from the Rainbow Gathering. Matt left. I had an empty massage book, so I got to catch up with the Rainbows for hours. It felt soooo good.

Brian joined me while I ate lunch, and I did one massage. We talked about kink and play parties. I tanned, left work early, worked out, practiced my poi, and bought bananas. Dan and I made plans to go camping tomorrow, and Tim and I made plans to shoot pool.

I drove home where I hung out with some of the crew before typing this.

Just the facts, ma’m…


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