Month: November 2006

Musical Magic

This morning I got an email from Jamie, offering free tickets to a live musical performance. I’m so glad I said yes.

I just came home from one of the most profound musical events of my life. Thomas Dolby opened for BT at the Red Devil Lounge for a subtleties of maybe 120 people on a Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound System. BT is one of the greatest electronic musical virtuosos. Thomas Dolby is at the cutting edge of recording technology. The combination made for a truly transcendental evening.

The only thing I had ever heard by Dolby was “She Blinded Me with Science”, and I never knew the artist’s name. I certainly had never put together that this was the guy responsible for Dolby Systems. Holy shit, dude!

BT was the first electronic artist that I ever bought. He was big in New York while I was raving in Los Angeles. I had no idea how phenomenal his music has become.

Everyone was listening intently to the subtleties revealed by the first rate speakers and processors. Tonight was about music… not dancing, or drinking, or socializing. It was a magical voyage in an ocean of juicy delicious sound, sometimes fluid, sometimes turbulent… always musical.

I am grateful for this evening… for my friends… for music… for Life. More of this, please.