Month: May 2007

A Dream Come True!

Last night I saw Lynda Carter in conert! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Wonder Woman fan, and last night the beautiful actress who brought my heroine to life on TV performed her own concert at the Empire Plush Room in San Francisco.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much. I went to see Lynda Carter, to be in the same intimate space, hoping for an opportunity to connect, maybe even get an autograph.

She was fabulous. She carries so much poise and grace, and somehow stills seems like the grown-up little girl from Arizona. The room was 95% men, probably all queer. We adored her totally. She was so casual. At one point, the mic went out, and she said, “well, if it doesn’t get fixed, we’ll do it a capella.” We cheered for her again and again. There is a reason she was Wonder Woman. And she really owned it. She expressed a lot of gratitude for what the role had opened up for her, and that her first love was night club singing. Her repertoire consisted of some jazz standards, Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”, a great rendition of “Fever”, and if she asks you if she can sing a country song, scream “YES!” I believe her musical selections were very personal to her. Kathy Mattea’s “Where Have You Been” reduced me to a blubbering bucket of tears.

I had the opportunity to meet her in the Green Room after the show (thanks to a friend who used to manage the Plush Room), and she was incrediibly gracious. She politely made it clear that this was her last night with her family in town, and she wanted to be with them.

“My name’s Boston,” I said as I handed her my copy of WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE HISTORY. to which she had written the introduction. While she was signing it I said, “You have brought so much joy into my life… Thank you.”

She stopped, looked directly into my eyes, and I could see that my words had really landed…

“That is so sweet,” she replied, as she reached out her hand to shake mine. “Thank you.”

While this was happening, my boyfriend had sat down against the wall. She kept looking over at him, while he gazed at her. As she handed the book back to me, she said, referring to that incredibly sexy man, “This one is a cutie…”

“Isn’t he?” I said, a crooked grin creeping across my face.

He said, “It takes one to know one, Lynda.” Their hands reached toward one another in greeting. It was difficult to tell who initiated the movement.

I could feel the turn-on running between them, and it was SO FUN!! My boyfriend and Lynda Carter were totally flirting, and LOVING IT!! Yum!

We left the Plush Room, me with a huge grin that is still on my face.

Last night was a dream come true! I’m still high from the experience! Thank you, Life, for these moments!!! More of this, please!