Review: Wonder Woman #15

SYNOPSIS: The members of The Circle are revealed. Before Diana’s birth, four Amazons were selected by Queen Hippolyta to act as her Royal Guard. They are Myrto, Charis, Philomela, and Alkyone. They discovered an Amazon named Gennes cradling a doll and singing a lullaby. They killed her, fearing her insanity would spread. Alkyone was deeply disturbed by rumors that Hippolyta was petitioning the gods for a child.

In the present, Diana Prince faces Captain Nazi without her powers. Using her available resources, she temporarily blinds him, giving her the time she needs to transform into Wonder Woman. After kicking his metahuman neo-nazi ass, she interrogates him with her lasso.

Unable to cross Athena’s barrier, Diana pleads with gods of different pantheons for passage to her home, finally placing herself in service to Kane Miohai, who gives her a magic shell that will transport her to Themyscira.

Meanwhile, Queen Hippolyta defends Paradise Island, single-handedly picking off Nazi soldiers in small numbers. The soldiers discover Alkyone’s prison. She promises that if they free her, and her friends will help them to slay Hippolyta.


I really enjoy seeing the shadow of Paradise depicted. On an island of immortal women who cannot reproduce, some of them are going to crack. While I prefer psychotherapy to cold-blooded murder, it’s nice to finally see that it’s not all sunshine and roses on Paradise Island.

Captain Nazi and the invasion of Paradise Island conjure visions of an episode of the Wonder Woman TV show called “The Feminum Mystique”. Fortunately, the modern Hippolyta is more warrior than doting mother, and remembering her role as queen and warrior, she rededicates herself to Athena, and with wisdom and grace, takes out nazi after nazi. I absolutely love the scene where she sets free a man-eating plant as they attempt to kill the creatures in one of the stables.

Diana’s interrogation of Captain Nazi is very trippy. What is it like to be tied in the lasso? Captain Nazi is forced to look at the darkness of his own soul. He is forced to look at the pain he wants to hide, the shame he feels beneath his hatred… and to know that Diana witnesses it all. She is shown to wield this incredible tool with compassion and empathy. With nothing left to hide, the truth flows. It’s like therapy, but very very fast. I imagine the lasso could cause someone go insane if it were handled by someone less capable.

It’s a little disturbing to see Diana put herself in service to a male god of a different pantheon. While he seems benevolent, Wonder Woman has always championed the feminine. I’m really curious about where Gail is going with this.

I loved this issue. I love the writing. I love how personal the story seems. The Circle is creepy in the way that religious zealots are creepy. Diana is written as the Wonder Woman I know and love: Strong, compassionate, dedicated, and capable. I’m really excited for the next issue!


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