Month: October 2008

Gaffe Master vs. Rove’s Pawn

I’m looking forward to the debate tonight. I find it curious that the McCain/Palin camp’s strategy has been to set the lowest expectations possible for her performance. Theoretically, if she can construct an accurate compound sentence, she will amaze and astound her supporters. They can say, “See! She can too hold her own!” So far, she has been unable to manage that.

Joe Biden’s gaffes make me cringe, but I have no doubt that he is sharper and more knowledgeable than Palin. He’s more intelligent, has a better grasp of international politics, and possesses a background that would be a great asset to Obama’s presidency. Sarah Palin is kind of like an accessory for John McCain.  She brings an everyperson image to the campaign, but no valuable knowldege or skill, at least nothing that could not be found is someone smarter and more experienced.  

To make matters worse, Palin is actually running for president. It is not a matter of public record what stage John McCain’s melanoma is at… IIA or IIIB. Either one dramatically reduces his life expectancy.  It is important for voters to realize that it is quite likely that Palin would become president if she is elected V.P. This is a less likely scenario for Joe Biden.  

I am delighted at the prospect of Obama as president. Biden would be fine. I wish it had been McCain eight years ago, but not now. Palin is a nightmare who could, like Bush, be easily controlled by the Rove machine. She may identify with the common (wo)man, but she has not demonstrated an understanding of presidential politics. She has not demonstrated leadership, despite her “executive experience”. Her unwillingness to be available to the press reveals profound insecurity and lack of courage. Her stated, but unsupported, readiness for the position echoes Bush’s sentiments about his own ability.

The bar for Sarah Palin is low tonight. Many of her supporters just need her to show up and not stab her own child.  I want her to show me that she is a smart, communicative, organized leader, who knows she has a LOT to learn. She still won’t get my vote, because I find her values offensive, small-minded, and fascist. But maybe I could feel alright about her continuing a political career at the local, or perhaps state, level… in Alaska.