Letter to change.gov

This is a letter I submitted to Change.gov:


I respect that the fundamentalist Christian community is also a part of the American populace, for better or worse. I applaud Rick Warren’s outreach and contribution to the poor. That said, his invitation to speak at President-Elect Obama’s inauguration is a slap in the face to the LGBT community. I remain a huge supporter of Barack Obama, and I trust his judgment in most matters.

Warren’s comparison of same-sex marriage to pedophilia is offensive at an incredibly deep level. Though a humanitarian in some areas, he has publicly insulted a significant number of Americans and has worked to strip citizens of their rights. I will listen to what he has to say, but with cynical ears. I respect some of his actions, but leave him in the pulpit. Let him do his humanitarian work and speak on that in another forum. He is an inappropriate choice in the wake of California’s Proposition 8.

Obama claims he wants to bring Americans together. This decision compromises my faith in Obama’s ability to do that. I do not believe he understands the implications of this decision. There are crises on every front, but the gay community is dealing with being treated as separate but equal. We could be a force for support of Obama’s programs, but not if we are busy fighting for our own civil rights. Rick Warren’s appearance at the inauguration suggests support for the devaluing of the LGBT community.


One thought on “Letter to change.gov

  1. I’m glad so many of us are getting on change.gov and sounding off. Obama says have a seat at the table, then pulls the chair out from under us. Typical.

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