Month: May 2010


Even though I am more politically aligned with the Democrats than the Republicans, I just cannot bring myself to donate to the group.

Before Obama was elected, he delivered his speech, titled “A More Perfect Union”.  It restored my faith in the possibility of a leadership in America.  Bush was like the steward standing in for the King in his absence.  Clinton was smarter and more focused, but he didn’t possess the ability to rally people that Barack Obama demonstrated.

When Barack Obama won the election I went over the moon, partying in the streets with the rest of San Francisco.  Finally, we had a leader in the White House.  Even though we had more work to do, as evidenced by the passing of California’s Proposition 8, we clearly were headed in the right direction.  I was clear that we needed to stand together, because the problems facing American were bigger than any one man’s ability to solve.  With Obama in the White House, the Democdrats could be solution oriented and restore America as respected world power.

Then I received my first request for money from the Democratic party.  I was ready to donate to the cause, whatever it was, but the first paragraph read “The Republicans are at it again.” Or something to that effect.  After the long incredible effort to elect the first black president , the first thing the Democrats do is point a finger at Republicans, as if one group is superior to the other.  It was really, really sad.

America’s economy was in shambles.  A large group of Americans were being relegated to second-class citizenship.  America’s global reputation was that of an oversized, immature bully.  And the Democrats, instead of reaching across the party line, were picking a fight.

What has changed in the last two years?  Not much.  Obama has passed a watered-down version of his healthcare program, and special interest groups have convinced many of the people who would benefit the most from the original proposal that for every citizen to have access to healthcare is un-American.  The Democrats fed the fire by fighting instead of educating.

I would love to support the Democrats in leading the way to a better America, but they are stuck in the Dark Ages, fighting a battle that should have ended a long time ago.  It’s time for both Democrats and Republicans to stand for the Constitution, to focus on healing and strengthening a sick nation, and working toward a nation the world can proudly look to for guidance instead of cautiously regard as self-righteous, irresponsible, and dangerous.