Month: November 2012

Don’t Buy Me a Drink

Happy Saturday, everyone!

This month I have committed to letting go of old habits and cultivating new more desirable ones. Essentially this means moving my energy, my resources, and my money into new directions. As part of this shift, I am refraining from drinking alcohol and coffee through between from November 1-November 30.

It always feels so good when I’m at a bar and someone offers to buy me a drink. But the money spent on one drink can be used so many other ways.

  • A $10 bar tab could instead help provide 143 condoms that the Stop AIDS Project will distribute.
  • A $25 bar tab could instead help a Financial Benefits counselor to assist one person in navigating the private and public benefits systems, including Medi-Cal, Medicare, CARE/HIPP, short-term disability, and Social Security.
  • A $100 bar tab could instead help provide the travel cost for a Stop AIDS Treatment Advocacy Coordinator to attend the medical appointments of 25 clients, providing moral support and to help clients advocate for themselves.

This month I ask that you take $10 that you would spend on that one cocktail or $25 on that round at happy hour, and instead donate to the AIDS/LifeCycle. If only half of my Facebook friends do this, we will raise over $7,000 to provide lifesaving services to people living with HIV and AIDS!

I look forward to raising my glass of cranberry and soda to your martini on my next night out!