Month: January 2014

Tim Phillips Bay Area Audition Technique Intensive

Tim Phillips BookA couple of weeks ago I audited Tim Phillips’s audition technique class! I had read his book filled with juicy nuggets of wisdom and I was prepared to drink straight from the tap. He did not disappoint. Sitting in a roomful of working actors is inspiring in itself. Watching Tim coach these actors was a genuine thrill. He offers simple straightforward adjustments that take audition scenes from good to Woah! in 2 seconds flat. I brought a scene with me that I had prepared, and he took me in a completely different direction from what I how I had been doing it. My scene partner, Will Chen, and I presented it for a casting director two days later, and she seemed very satisfied with our work.

A few days later, one of Tim’s students, James DuMont, was interviewed for Backstage magazine. (You can read that article here.) Mr. DuMont is currently everywhere! I’ve seen him in American Horror Story: Coven, Dallas Buyers Club, and American Hustle. He’s a great actor, he’s working in Oscar-nominated movies… And he’s only one of Tim’s students who is working and thriving as an actor in television and film!

I know actors in the Bay Area would love working with Tim — and his coaching would elevate everyone’s game! And now that we have the details worked out, I can officially say…

Tim Phillips will be teaching an Audition Technique Weekend Intensive at the Waterfront Playhouse and Conservatory in Berkeley May 17 and 18, 2014!

  • Saturday, May 17,  12pm-3pm – Lecture: “Sherlock Holmesing the Text”
  • Sunday, May 18, 10am-3pm – On-camera class.

Note: The lecture is a prerequisite for  the on-camera class.


If you’re a Bay Area actor you don’t want to miss this. My suggestion is to read Tim’s book, Audition for Your Career, Not the Job, before coming to the intensive. It provides the vocabulary and concepts so you can dive into the subtleties of the work more quickly and deeply. (Think of it as a text book to read before your college lecture and lab.) Then show up to class hungry to learn game-changing audition techniques. We have him for one weekend. Let’s drink every drop of insight and wisdom we can.


Review: “Coven of Wolves” by Peter Saenz


In his first novel, Coven of Wolves, Peter Saenz weaves a tale of adventure through the supernatural West Coast underground. In the shadows of Los Angeles glitz and San Francisco streetlights exists a world just underneath our own mundane existence — a mysterious world of magic and monsters.

Devin is a good young man in a bad situation.  He is a gifted gay witch who has fallen in with the wrong L.A. coven. After multiple attempts to break free from the thrall his sexy-but-wicked captor Malik, Devin finally escapes with the help of his best friend, Tobias. But getting out is only the beginning. Malik has some serious control issues and orders his coven to hunt down the two boys and kill them.

To make matters even more interesting, Devin is no ordinary witch. He has the unique ability to merge with his familiar, a wolf called Fenrus, which transforms him into werewolf with superhuman senses, strength and agility. Drawing on all their power, resources and courage, Devin and Tobias make their way to San Francisco, in search of a way to stop Malik.

But before he can face Malik, Devin must first confront his own troubled past — which holds the key to understanding his powers and unlocking his true destiny as both Witch and Wolf.

Coven of Wolves is a fast-paced fun read. It’s refreshing to read supernatural genre fiction about  well-conceived gay characters. It read very much like an episodic TV series. Each chapter stands well as its own tale, forming a larger narrative. If you’re a fan of Teen Wolf or The Craft, then Coven of Wolves will be a treat! I, for one, can’t wait to see what Mr. Saenz has in store for us next.

The Oy of Sex

628x471Last night I went to see Alicia Dattner’s one-woman show, The Oy of Sex at The Marsh Theater. If you aren’t familiar with Ms. Dattner’s work, she is a local comedienne with a talent for bringing her audience into her intimate space and guiding them on a breathtakingly hilarious ride through her personal history made public.

In The Oy of Sex, Alicia takes us into the realm of love and sex addiction and recovery — honestly discussing hilarious hookups, the perils of polyamory, and obligatory birthday cunnilingus. Her stories are so intensely personal they touch on the archetypal, causing the audience to erupt with laughter — but is the laughter at Alicia’s outrageous situations or at sparks of recognition of some equally awkward event in one’s own life?

If you want to laugh until your soul shakes, and feel like a better person for the experience, do yourself a favor and check out this incredible performance. It runs one more weekend at The Marsh.

Tix available at