Review: “Coven of Wolves” by Peter Saenz


In his first novel, Coven of Wolves, Peter Saenz weaves a tale of adventure through the supernatural West Coast underground. In the shadows of Los Angeles glitz and San Francisco streetlights exists a world just underneath our own mundane existence — a mysterious world of magic and monsters.

Devin is a good young man in a bad situation.  He is a gifted gay witch who has fallen in with the wrong L.A. coven. After multiple attempts to break free from the thrall his sexy-but-wicked captor Malik, Devin finally escapes with the help of his best friend, Tobias. But getting out is only the beginning. Malik has some serious control issues and orders his coven to hunt down the two boys and kill them.

To make matters even more interesting, Devin is no ordinary witch. He has the unique ability to merge with his familiar, a wolf called Fenrus, which transforms him into werewolf with superhuman senses, strength and agility. Drawing on all their power, resources and courage, Devin and Tobias make their way to San Francisco, in search of a way to stop Malik.

But before he can face Malik, Devin must first confront his own troubled past — which holds the key to understanding his powers and unlocking his true destiny as both Witch and Wolf.

Coven of Wolves is a fast-paced fun read. It’s refreshing to read supernatural genre fiction about  well-conceived gay characters. It read very much like an episodic TV series. Each chapter stands well as its own tale, forming a larger narrative. If you’re a fan of Teen Wolf or The Craft, then Coven of Wolves will be a treat! I, for one, can’t wait to see what Mr. Saenz has in store for us next.


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