Film & TV Acting Jobs via Social Media

Hollywood and Silicon Valley are engaged in an evolving relationship — symbiotic, antagonistic or parasitic, depending on the day. Silicon Valley is responsible for new media platforms that are forcing Hollywood to update its business models and systems faster than it would like, as well as new technology used at every stage of production. One recent innovation is in the casting realm.’s Acting Challenge provides an online platform for actors at any career level to upload assigned scenes for review by a Hollywood casting director. There are two ways to win the challenge. The casting director chooses one winner while the other winner is determined by popular vote. Both winning actors get a sit-down meeting with the casting director/judge. It’s a great way to get seen and  build buzz! The current Challenge is being judged by Garrett McGuire who cast shows like Supernatural, Dollhouse, and the upcoming new series, iZombie. An actor myself, I have entered the Challenge. Check out the site and discover tomorrow’s stars. Oh, and vote for me!


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