Month: January 2015

Welcome to Hollywood: My First Indi Casting Director Meeting

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with TV casting director Garrett McGuire (Supernatural, iZombie), an opportunity I won through’s Acting Challenge an online competition where actors win meetings with LA casting directors. (I’m in another one right now, and you can vote for me here!) Across from Eric sat the Indi News Team, Sean McLaughlin and Nicole Greenwood, along with fellow Indi actor, Travis Dixon.  Veteran actor Geoffrey Cantor joined us shortly after I arrived, and we all talked and laughed about travel, show business, family, and a few topics best not mentioned publicly.

Everyone brought to the table a different point of view on the entertainment industry, each person with valuable insights to share. Garrett made a note that I was looking for representation, and Nicole was wonderfully generous with suggestions about how to approach the this market. Geoffrey, who was in town filming the new Cohen brothers movie, Hail, Caesar, was a treasure trove of information and encouragement, offering the perspective of working actor whose career I admire. Among my  gleanings from this round table discussion were the importance of approaching every audition systematically, giving each the care I would give to my most desired roles and of embracing my commercial appearance, which everyone seemed to agree would by a likely point of entry for me into the professional Hollywood acting scene.

This sit-down session was the first of three meetings I’ve won thus far, and my next one is scheduled for Monday with Jessica Sherman (Star Wars: Episode VII). I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful arrival in Hollywood, with a professional community already emerging within this City of Dreams that would be overwhelming without such strong human connection. And it is all happening because of the people who have supported me by voting in these Acting Challenges. This is the Power of Community. I am grateful and humbled beyond words. Thank you.